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When it comes to how well you look in your clothing, a good fit makes all the difference. Anything in your wardrobe will look better on you when it actually fits. It's very likely that you can salvage many of the ill fitting garments in your wardrobe by simply having them alter to fit. 
Women clothing alterations
We do alterations and restyling on all types of garments from light clothing to outerwear, evening wear, bridesmaid dresses & bridal wear and work with almost any type of fabrics. 
What to bring to your fitting

In addition to your garment, be sure to bring any undergarments you will be wearing underneath (bra, shape-wear, etc.), as well as your shoes. Something as simple as a bra switch or change in heel height can cause your dress to fit improperly!

Men's clothing alterations
We believe a well-fitted suit makes you look and feel great. Having a garment tailored expresses confidence. It does not matter the cost of the jacket or suit. It needs to be altered to give you the perfect fit you deserve.

Things you should know before your fitting:
Know what kind of break you like in your trousers. The break is the horizontal line in the fabric that happens where your pants hit your shoes. The length of your pant legs determines how pronounced the break is.
  1. Full break
  2. Half break
  3. Quarter break
  4. No break
Make sure you bring with you the shoes you're going to wear with your trousers.
If you are having your jacket sleeves shortened, be sure you wear a dress shirt for the fitting. The traditional rule is to show one quarter - half inch of cuff under your jacket sleeve
If the sleeves have working buttonholes the alteration for the length can be done only from shoulder, please ask for a quote.

We can alter leather items such as:
  • Leather Jackets – Repair rips and tears, shorten sleeve with detailed cuff, replace zips.
  • Re-Line Coats and Jackets.
  • Leather Coat – Shorten hem & sleeves, taper and resew in leather button.
  • Leather motorcycle protective wear.
  • Leather Trousers – Shorten & taper, take in waist and seat.
  • Leather Cushions – Renew zip & stitching that has split.
  • Leather Belts – Punch in new holes.
  • Repair Torn Pockets & Leather Garments
Leather/Suede alterations

Evening wear

Does my dress fit?
  • You should be comfortable in your gown.
  • Your dress should stay in one place as you move – it should not slide around.
  • You should see no wrinkling, bunching or pulling of material.
  • Full-length dresses should just skim the tops of the toes of your shoes, and measure ½ to 1 inch off the floor.
If you are having any of these issues, be sure to make an appointment to come in and see us. We work with all fabrics.
Don't forget to bring the shoes you're wearing for the occasion with you!

For the right quotation for evening wear, bridesmaid dresses, bridal-wear, due to more complex garment construction, the best thing is to visit our shop
Prom/Wedding/Evening wear alterations

Men's Made to Measure suits & shirts
We have started a new collaboration with Mathieson & Brooke tailors to facilitate a luxury and personalized tailoring service for men in the Hemel Hempstead area and surroundings.
We hold fittings by appointment in this area on Mondays. If you need more information about collections, styles, fabrics and prices please visit our shop.

                curtains & Soft Furnishings

Curtains and soft fuenishings alteration
If you fed up with your curtains dragging on the floor, broken zips in your cushion covers or worn out sofa covers because your dog likes chewing them, than why not Contact Us ?
 We can shorten your over-sized curtains or nets, replace the zips in your cushion covers and even re-make your sofa cushion covers if  they're worn out or damaged !

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